DXM POD 55 - Host Colborn Bell talks w/ artist John Houck

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Los Angeles-based artist John Houck (b. 1977) makes his images through a systematic re-photographing that produces a complex set of relationships between figure and ground and defies a clear understanding of the real and created. In this process, the artist takes a set of objects—often with personal meaning—and captures them multiple times. With each iteration, the objects are repositioned atop of their own images. The resultant work is a kind of photograph of itself, seen through a multitude of perspectives. The unfixed nature of Houck’s compositions is further complicated by the artist’s introduction of painterly mark-making, which he incorporates in both the objects being photographed and the photographs themselves. These actions transform the photograph into a screen through which the composition is gradually developed, examined, and remade.





DXM POD 55 - Host Colborn Bell talks w/ artist John Houck
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